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Our newest offer: custom built native iOS and Android apps at just $899!

ke Solutions and AppzBizz announce #OpportunityApp: a special offer for all Premium custom build native apps!

Opportunity App

Access to Opportunity is Power

ke Solutions and AppzBizz offer you direct access to opportunity: your own custom built native app for just $899! Who could miss the chance to get their own custom-built native app at his incredible price?

Your app can incorporate a variety of features you can freely choose from.
Here is a list of our top features based on customer demand:



A special invitation to your first-time customer that virtually guarantees his or her visit to your location.

Loyalty Card

Loyalty Card

Dedicated to loyal customers: clients will keep coming back time and time again.

Refer a Friend

Refer a Friend

This page offers the client the possibility to earn a bonus if he or she refers a friend.

Our Products/Menu

Our Products

Products or Menu offered by the Business: your customer does not need to remember, only check



Services that can be provided: your customer does not need to remember, only check



Your very own customer opinion polling agency: insights were never easier!

The best way to see what our apps can do for you is to choose a market segment and see a concrete example.

Many of our customers got their own Eureka moment after examining several specialized apps from different marketing segments and borrowed features or invented features for their own apps.

As new customers constantly ask us for specialized native apps adapted to their specific business needs, you will see us adding new market segments regularly.

Get your own app in 3 easy steps:

1Complete the form by clicking here and send us the payment to activate the special offer.
2Send us information and images you want to appear in the app by using this form.
3In 24 hours or less you will receive an email notifying you that the binaries have been uploaded to Apple and Android stores, alongside all the important information about your app, as well as advice on how to get the most out of your apps.

Our team will follow up with you on regular basis to answer any question you might have and provide further useful tips on how to maximize your app’s usefulness.

Grab the Opportunity now!