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Web Design and Development

Our web design solutions are oriented towards our customers. We have high standards in custom web design and development which focus on efficiency, simplicity and appeal. The sites have professional site design that highly functional, user friendly and search engine friendly. We want our clients wishes and standards to be achieved by our custom web design, by keeping in touch with the latest market requirements and up to date with the technologies used, for a professional web design solution.

Our services are suitable for any kind of web sites, with big accent on e-commerce and e-marketing solutions with a design that makes them most attractive to customers.

We offer different possibilities in respect to choosing the designs of the site, due to the fact that we offer custom web design and development. It can either be bought, or chosen by the customer but our advice it to let our experts guide you through what a professional site design means.

At the suggestions of our customers we can come up with a custom web design solution that is easy to use that has its functionality exploited to the maximum and that looks good so that in this matter you can achieve the full sales potential. The custom web design will capture the essence of the client's business profile. During the web design and development process there will be an intensive dialog between the customer and us. The dialog is important in obtaining best result in the most efficient manner. Any special requests ideas and materials the customer has to offer in our help, he is most welcome to do so, because we encourage an interactive communication leading to a professional site design.

If you have questions, please contact us or take your time to complete our free quote.

Web Design Services

Website design and e-commerce design

We offer various types of websites in our web design services to the customer's choice. We put a great emphasis on e-commerce design but we offer many more quality sites:

  • Presentation websites
  • Company websites
  • Brand websites
  • Educational websites
  • Event websites
  • Virtual stores, e-commerce websites
  • Client/Vendor Portal
  • Internal Communication Applications
  • User tracking software
  • News portals
  • Community websites
  • Personal websites
  • Hybrid websites
  • Non-profit websites
Web Design Services
Design for devices

Responsive Design

ke Solutions has specialized and experienced developers ready to offer you a new generation of responsive websites that:

  • meet the goals of their clients and the needs of their customers;
  • offer the maximum performance possible;
  • work fast no matter what devices are used;
  • achieve a great user-experience across many devices and screen sizes;
  • have content that is easy to share, interact with, and link to;
  • are easy to be SEO managed;
  • adapts to the future devices.
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Company branding

Our design services include company branding, more specifically:

  • corporate branding, rebranding and identity development
  • optimized graphic design
  • photography illustration
  • banner advertising
  • animations
  • logo design
  • business cards
  • brochures
  • leaflets
  • promotional material
  • calendars
  • banners
  • catalogues
  • any kind of artwork
Company Branding