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Cloud Hosting

Do you want a cloud environment that works for you? ke Solutions provides high performance cloud for hosting applications and websites that meets any current needs, and has the flexibility to grow with the business.

ke’s cloud hosting service delivers the following features:

  • Affordable - ke charges per hour and only for the resources that you use, so you can start small and expand from there. YOU are in control over the hosting budget.
  • Simple - ke has intuitive user interface that makes controlling servers simple and quick. YOU can focus on growing your business.
  • Customizable - ke lets you customize your server. YOU can configure the server to present your content in the best possible way.
  • Scalable - ke’s cloud hosting service includes much more than just servers scale with incredible speed. Architecture assistance is available free of charge every step of the way. YOU can upgrade with additional products as you need them.
  • Secure - Your data is safe with military grade encryption, world-class data centers, and the strictest security policies. The server content stays safe and up-to-date because of the automated backups and snapshots done. YOU can be assured that your content remains secure.

Since someone has to run your cloud operations,

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