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ke™ Solutions for E-commerce Websites

The keMission is to radically change the Internet experience for everybody by empowering website owners with cutting-edge web engine, simple to deploy and maintain, easy to expand, which will transform e-visitors in e-regulars. We encourage the growth of the Internet, by providing dynamic intelligent websites. Furthermore, we will research and develop the latest in technology and implement these solutions into ke™ exceeding our client's expectations.

Quality design at competitive prices

An online store is just as precious as an actual one. Whether you are looking to create a new e-commerce website or re-designing an existing one, ke™ Solutions provides you with the Internet expertise and a creative, knowledgeable design staff that will allow you to enhance your e-commerce productivity. We create sites that maximize online revenues, drive targeted traffic to your business, and increase conversion rates and customer loyalty. ke™ Solutions delivers comprehensive results when it comes to extending your enterprise through web-based marketing, sales and interactive communications. We create all types of custom, high-quality, business web sites, and we will help you understand and plan the process of moving your business or profession to on-line operation and e-commerce in Internet-based markets. With the help of our ke™ engine and devoted team, your experience will feel comfortable and effortless.

Advantages of e-commerce

You can offer your customers maximum convenience around the clock around the globe. Your business e-commerce solution will also give you the ability to cut costs and expand your market, as well as gather information on your customers' interests and preferences – allowing you to use this information to build ongoing relationships. With an e-commerce site, you can make instant changes to your entire business structure including promotions, sales, merchandise and pricing. To accomplish this, you need a website that can be changed and expanded with ease. Static HTML websites cannot provide this flexibility, but our built in ke engine software lets you make changes easily and efficiently. E-commerce services included in this package include SEO, opt-in email advertising, unlimited content, product feedback, and many other features. Building on your own, an e-commerce application development can take thousands of hours, but we can do it for you quickly and at a price you can afford.

General Features

Registered Users Features

  • Let users create accounts and keep their info up-to-date.
  • Allow users to view order history.
  • Bookmarks - Allow users to create wish list.
  • Message board - Allow users to interact with each other.

Shopping Experience

White Marketing Features

  • Newsletter

    This is a very important feature that allows you to keep in touch with your customers, visitors, potential customers, and anyone interested in what you have to offer. The visitors can subscribe to your newsletter and receive periodic information about your business and products. They can also unsubscribe whenever they want. We will create a newsletter template for you, and our system will deliver your newsletter, design and content, automatically to all subscribers.

  • Predefined white marketing emails

    This is very common and popular way to keep in touch with established or potential customers. We offer you a predefined template which you can fill with your desired message, marketing pitch, etc.

  • Reseller network online support

    Content, images, videos, customized PDF brochures.

Search Engine Optimization Features

Search engine optimization (SEO) becomes a necessity in a competitive market. The SEO process requires looking at many unique elements and performing specific activities in order to achieve high ranking search engine results. Our SEO ensures that your customers can find you, thereby maximizing your online revenues. Internet marketing brings many advantages, and we offer the necessary start to enable you to run a successful and profitable business through our white marketing techniques. We also offer several other connected white marketing services which can be provided on request including Pay-Per-Click advertising, content writing and social networking.

SEO is a "must", so we "must" help you. Our complete e-commerce offer includes onsite SEO service including:

  • Competition/ Competitor analysis

    Competitors influence the way you conduct an optimization campaign. They may have high listing positions and an analysis of their website performance becomes a necessity. The SEO competitor's analysis is an assessment of the strengths and weaknesses of current and potential competitors. Your site can emulate the success of better performing websites within your industry, and maybe benefit from their weaknesses or optimising mistakes. In a highly competitive market you can define your niche and use niche keywords that bring you more targeted customers.

  • SEO meta-tags

    Meta-tags on each webpage provide valuable information for the search engines. With the help of meta-tags, search engines will find out what your site is about and how relevant it is to different visitors. Meta-tags are composed of the title, description andkeywords for each of your pages but may also include data which is not specified in the header part of the page. For dynamic product pages we will develop a template to fit all your items and optimize each page for more precise searches - resulting in greater conversion rates and a bigger ROI for you.

  • Keywords research and analysis

    When developing a SEO campaign it is essential to find the best words that describe your business and analyze the keywords that will allow you to penetrate a desired market.

  • Technical optimization and HTML and CSS validation

    The major consequences of not having a technically optimized website are related to improper search engine listing and leads to the failure of your search engine optimization efforts. The HTML and CSS validation is used to examine the markup in your content and report any errors found in the process. Because your site is likely to be opened in different browsers, or even different versions of the same browser over time, the CSS validation points out common faults and helps future-proof your content. The advantage of the technical optimization and the HTML & CSS validation is having absolutely error free webpages.

  • Content optimization for homepage

    Search engines give a lot of importance to the homepage. Considered to be the most relevant page of the entire site, the homepage should be an accurate presentation of your business and Internet activity. In order to rank high, the content needs to be optimized for the proposed keywords. As many SEO experts say "Content is King!"

  • Friendly URL rewrite

    This is the process of changing the appearance of your URL in order to make it more suggestive for the search engines and friendlier for the visitors. The URL of your site's pages has a very big influence in the ranking system on search engines, so indicative keywords should also be included.

  • Hosting Features

    • SQL Server 2008
    • Daily Database Backup
    • Complete Web Statistics
    • Hard Disk Storage - 500 MB
    • Monthly Transfer - 5 GB
    • POP E-mail Accounts - unlimited


    Today, most people engage is some form of shopping online, so it is ridiculous to lose clients just because they can't pay online at your website. Your e-commerce website will light up once you are able to take credit card charges over the web, and of course, so will your clients.

    All you need is a standard merchant account of the sort used for any other credit card transaction. We set up the credit card processing interfaces and install site security. Visitors will be able to purchase goods or services easily, conveniently and securely. The money will flow directly into your bank account the next day.

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