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ke Solutions Anniversary

ke Solutions celebrates its 13th year of existence and starts its 14th prolific year as a provider of digital services.

In many ways our story starts with a cliche: a man, an idea and many hours of work. The man in question is Lorin Morar, our CEO. The idea was ke - a user-friendly platform to create and develop websites.

As to the accumulated work hours... let’s just say they are just like the definition of adventure: hard living happening to someone else, in another time and/or place.

The bread and butter, for most of our history, was web development and web design with some occasional forays into customized software. In time, ke Solutions left behind the one-man-army approach and became a team. The team expanded; both, in terms of people and in terms of experience.

We learned from successes and we learned from mistakes. We focused increasingly on customer retention, not just more projects.

"ke Solutions have done wonders for my business. Super easy to work with and very quick in responding - which is golden! I was impressed by their work and I would recommend them without any reservation. Thank you, ke Solutions team and congrats on your anniversary!" - Vaso Spirou, owner of Salon VASO

Vaso SalonVaso
Guy Kenneth Logo Owl Aerospace

"I’ve worked with ke Solutions for a long time. I saw their performance on a number of very different projects. Brilliant! And that, in short, is the reason I keep returning to them for anything that has to do with digital. Happy anniversary!" -
Guy Kennet, CEO at Owl Aerospace Inc.

The relatively short period covering 2010 to 2011 can be considered in many ways as a significant inflection point for ke Solutions.

We branched into app building and then decided we can do even better by creating an app building platform aimed specifically at small-to-medium businesses.

We expanded our services; entered into partnerships; got involved in more complex and ambitious software projects; recruited more talent.

Companies change, evolve and adapt. And so are we.

While in the last five years alone we launched 100+ websites for a remarkably varied list of customers (retailers, healthcare, e-commerce, NGOs, community portals, IT services, hospitality, yacht, jewelry, etc), we expect our workload to incorporate more app building.

The 50+ apps we launched (alone or in partnership) stand testimony to this.

We also expect that we will start investing more time and resources developing highly challenging customized software projects.

As we celebrate the end of our 13th year as a dynamic business, we cannot but be thankful for all we were able to achieve. We are also eager to respond faster, creatively and effectively to all the technical challenges our customers will lay at your feet in our 14th year of existence.

"ke Solutions is now in the middle of growth spurt like no other in our history. We’ve massively added to our capabilities and are now able to offer our customers a variety of web development & web design services, mobile business solutions, customized software and digital marketing expertise. Unlike many of our direct competitors we are inclined to think long-term, emphasize modularity, flexibility and inter-dependency, and have a tendency to build platforms rather than one-shot solutions. More work for us, sure; by far, better for the client" -
Lorin Morar, CEO at ke Solutions

Lorin Morar

Experience. Accomplishment. Great Results.

ke Solutions Anniversary