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TestyBot is ultimately about achieving quality easier and faster.

Any company using Agile methodology has to invest a lot of resources in testing. However, not all companies invest those resources efficiently.

Manual testing is great because a good tester will be able to think creatively and uncover hidden problems that scripts are not programmed to handle. At the same time, human testers have to wade through an enormous amount of repetitive tasks that sap his or her attention, even allowing mistakes to happen.

Automated testing, on the other hand, is excellent when it comes to routine, repetitive checks, accomplishing them without error and very fast. A good automated testing platform can deal flawlessly with 70 - 90% of the volume of testing a given project requires, leaving the human tester to do what manual testing does best.

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TestyBot represents a significant leap forward in efficiency because we have created a VERSATILE automated testing platform that has the ability to handle to an ever higher percentage of testing tasks, going well beyond simple routines.

Moreover, with TestyBot you get a STABLE automation solution essential in the process of delivering a high quality product because the test scripts run daily, create reports, trigger emails so the management is always up to date with the status of the product.