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keShop Overview

keShop package offers functionality necessary to deploy dynamic website with content subscription management. With the keShop package, you are prepaying for necessary items such as bandwidth usage SQL server, keEngine and storage, as well as additional components to provide more compelling presentation of your website on the internet. Some of the add-on functionality includes feedback forms, newsletters, random content, message boards, content promo and user account management, product account management, product directory and rating system.

With product directories you can easily categorize your products on your website. You can deploy feedback forms or even message boards attached to certain products for people to discuss their experiences. You can provide detailed information and even product "homepage" or feature item on your welcome page with content promo feature. You can specify location of the product in multiple places in the directory to facilitate easy navigation. Product could be anything you want it to be, even link to another website. With ke package you can even download web search catalog featuring many thousand categories.

Message board functionality will manage message threads, replies, topics and even emoticons. Users will visit your website more often if they are able to interact with other users. With help of user account management you can even provide with "secret" message boards available only to select few. User management allows you to control user's access rights to parts of the website or even topics on the message board. You can even prevent users from posting into a topic unless they have certain necessary privileges.

With newsletters you can publish your own e-zine to your subscribers and even promote your offline business. Newsletters are an easy way to stay in touch with your visitors and to inform them of new areas and upcoming events on your website. You could solicit feedback from your visitors to improve experience of the website. You can even design custom short surveys. With random content you can keep website more attractive and constantly updating. Random content could be a featured article or even rotating banner exposure. The latter can provide revenue stream opportunity from 3rd party websites.

Cost and Benefits

With keShop package you will be able to make modifications to your website. You will no longer need to pay yet another fee to your existing web design company just to correct a spelling mistake. You will be empowered to publish your own webpages. All functionality in your package is ready to be deployed on your website, you do not have to wait for your guru guy to find time to actually implement your newsletters or your feedback forms. It's all in here and ready to use.

  • Full-featured and ready to go today - right "off-the-shelf"
  • Low Total Cost of Ownership - Low start up & training costs with continuing low operating costs

Additional Revenue Opportunities

With random package you can offer banner advertising on your website. You can acquire additional revenue stream from companies that consolidate content advertising such as commission junction or even google. With newsletters you could publish advertisements for other websites or even your own offline store. You will also be able to create your own surveys and even run surveys for companies that want to outsource market research.

Content directory is a nice way to showcase your offering or categorize website links. You can use content directory to even promote your customer's products and feature products with content promo module.

Message boards will prove to be a great web content generator. In essence, many of your users will post on the message boards. The information is then picked up by web search engine crawlers and indexed. As different people have slightly differing active vocabulary, many of the words you may not have thought to use on your website will end up in search engines and as a result you will receive additional traffic.

Features for Your Website

This package features your own domain name and emails. You will have access to keAdmin tool, which will enable you to make modifications to the website on your own without the need to pay graphic or website designers every time. There is no limit preset on number of pages, so you will be able to present much larger selection of information on your website. Having large number of pages will improve your web search ranking and you will generate more visitors from keyword searches. You can then monetize this added traffic into additional revenue.

Entire website is dynamically created from database from pieces of information, so it becomes much easier to maintain and even rebrand or redesign your website, than with traditional web designs.

Major feature of the system is clear upgrade path. If one day you decide that you must have, for example, shopping cart integration with multiple credit card processors, this functionality can be added to your website almost instantly (once you agree on design layout).


On the ROI, there are many ways of generating revenues and a good place to start would be to look at some ideas in module specific description on this website.

In the course of successful web development, you will face need to implement new functionality. With keShop you rest assured that functionality is maintained and that you do not need to spend large sums of money to upgrade to one of the additional modules already available via the upgrade path. The overall TCO is kept low at manageable monthly fees and out-of-pocket expenses for development of new modules are minimized or entirely eliminated. With keShop you can rest assured that ongoing development improves your website's performance and addresses any concerns or issues that may arise without the need for you to pay new development fees.

Hosting Features

  • Hard Disk Storage - 500 MB
  • Monthly Transfer - 3 GB
  • Private Java Virtual Machine
  • SQL Server 2014
  • Daily Database Backup
  • Complete Web Statistics
  • RAID 10K RPM SCSI Storage
  • Redundant Network Connectivity

This package includes:

  • keShop
  • ke and keAdmin
  • Feedback Forms
  • Content Promo
  • Discount Coupons
  • Message Board
  • Newsletter
  • Product Account Management
  • Product Directory
  • Product Rating System
  • Product Shopping Card
  • Random Content
  • User Account Management
  • User Account Online

keShop Price: $300.00/month