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ke Solutions provides Business Edition Google Apps

Whether you are an individual or a enterprise level Fortune 500 business, Google Apps for Business is the right tool for your future.

Giving you a strong platform on which you and your organization can grow and fluorish is critical in today's day and age. We expect, and are expected, to be able to deal with our clients and vendors in near real-time. There can be no excuse of, "Sorry, our server's are down" or else you stand lose all of your new and existing business. Keeping your business afloat, both financially and technologically is what can make or break a business competing in today's economy. Learn about the Top 10 Advantages of Google Apps.

Still not sure what Google Apps for Business offers? Take a few minutes to watch this informative video:

Google Apps for Business Offers:

  • Google GMail for e-mail, instant messaging and communication (25GB Mail Storage Quota per User)
  • Google Calendar for shared event planning, appointments and resource scheduling
  • Google Docs for shared folders and documents, as well as Word Processing, Spreadhseets, Presentations and more
  • Shared Contacts for all communication services, shared contacts and more
  • Google Video for intra-organizational video and file sharing using the YouTube architecture, but keeping all videos secure and protected from the public eye
  • Google Sites for publishing web-facing intranet or extranet sites, as well as group shares and portals for information sharing and collaboration
  • Google Message Security (aka Postini Mail Filtering) Anti-spam & Anti-virus for inbound/outbound messages

You may also be interested in adding:

  • Google Message Discovery (Archiving, Compliance and more) where you can have a non-destructive archive of all e-mail sent/received for your entire domain and organization.
  • Google Apps Marketplace where you can find a solution that integrates with Google Apps for just about anything - CRM, Accounting, Project Management, Social Networking, and more!
  • Google Apps Integrated Audiovisual Training Google Apps training empowers users to transition to Google Apps comfortably with a comprehensive knowledge base of short, concise audiovisual clips.

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