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Dunbar’s number: implications for internet marketing and SEO - Part 1

~63,100 is the number of hits you will likely get searching google for “Dunbar’s number”. If you are interested in SEO and search for “Dunbar’s number” +SEO you will get 221 results for the last year and 55 results from last month only. What is this number and why SEM/SEO people discuss it?
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Dunbar’s number: implications for internet marketing and SEO - Part 2

In the previous post I talked about what is Dunbar’s number and the constraints it places on social networking. This post will be about why Dunbar’s number matters and has to be taken into account by internet marketing people and SEO/SEM.
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Internet of things: what does it have to do with my small business?

What is IoT?
While a decade ago this concept was hard to grasp, most of us today can envisage the concept behind IoT with relative ease.
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E-commerce trends for 2015 for small companies

E-commerce has been around for over a generation now. It is indisputable that it did change the way we shop and conduct commerce. This year, as other years before it, brings a mixture of tried-and-tested strategies but add some newcomers. If you are a small business carving a niche on the online here is what to expect in 2015.
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The in-store purchase is decided online via digital influence

Does mobile technology and easy access to digital affect sales in-store as well as online? Does it affect in-store consumer behaviour? You see, it is possible that in-store and online are two non-overlapping circles.
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The way out of customer informational overload

It’s quite bad and it is getting worse: people surfing the internet are weary of so many choices and over 50% couldn’t be bothered to surf for information.
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Livestreaming: a big something or a small nothing?

Take some time and examine The Conversion Prism: some names will surely be familiar, others will ring a bell and many won’t mean a thing. But there is no other way to visualize just how complicated is this thing we call 'social media'.
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