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Social Media

Method to this madness: what people share on social networks and why?

How do you make people hear you out about something everyone knows is boring and would rather avoid? One answer is to create content that goes viral and repeatedly shared.
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The shockingly low organic reach of Social media platforms and what to do about it

A must read - that’s how I would characterize Dan’s post. The title is somewhat misleading because it implies that there are winners and losers. There are, in fact, relative winners and losers, but only relative ones.
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To see a world in a grain of sand... and the whole Internet inside Facebook

Facebook is, arguably, a fixture of modern life. F8 - the Facebook developer conference taking place as I write this - is bound to attract a lot of attention. Even if you are not a facebook developer, or a programmer, or have anything to do with the online, F8 is newsworthy because it will affect you some way or another.
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Facebook: good or bad for you?

Emarketer recently published a summary of a Cowen and Company online survey that confirms these figures and provide some more details about age group differences on this measure.
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