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Launching: App E-commerce and a new healthcare IT website!

Ke Solutions is pleased to announce the successful launch of a fully functional e-commerce and order management module in partnership with AppzBizz.com, our app building platform partner.

E-commerce module functionalities in a restaurant app: adding products to a shopping cart, pick-up and payment

The advantage of building modules for a DIY app building platform is that once it is built, anyone can assemble this (and other modular functionalities) into an with just a couple of clicks and absolutely no programming skills. As of now, making your own e-commerce app is just that simple!

Together with our AppzBizz.com, we made sure that adding or editing products to your E-commerce enabled app is straightforward and optimized for speed and usability.

Adding, editing or deleting products for your e-commerce app on the AppzBizz platform is a straightforward process

It goes without saying that e-commerce is impossible without order management. The Order Management allows app owners to grant access to multiple managers that will take care of the day to day order management operations. Based on our research and talks with business owners interested in building their own e-commerce apps, we developed a versatile order management system that is capable of offering a full spectrum of options for virtually any type of e-commerce application.

Order Management Toolset on AppzBizz platform: a comprehensive set of options to empower your mobile business

As you can see, ke Solutions and AppzBizz are all about customer satisfaction: we give businesses the features they need!

Cadentec - a healthcare IT business website

Cadentec is competing in a new industry that is already saturated with consulting firms providing healthcare technology assistance that covers the whole spectrum of quality.

CadenTEC.com website homepage - a company dedicated to bridging the gap between healthcare and IT

The reason that Cadentec is thriving? A team of highly-qualified experts that are able to leverage healthcare IT industry best practices, lessons learned, and many years of experience.

CadenTEC.com healthcare technology services

Clean and easy navigation were Cadentec’s main requirements for their website. The website we built them focuses on types of services they provide, EHR implementation and their specialized webinars.

CadenTEC.com webinars

We wish them all the best in this highly technical and complex industry!

Experience. Accomplishment. Great Results.



  • keSupport
    keSupport Says:
    Thursday, October 19, 2017, 5:9
    Answer regarding average time to make an e-commerce app
    Hi Filip, short answer: 2 hours. long answer: we can make apps really fast because we've taken the time to build a modular platform. Provided you send all the information we need and do not require customization, you will have a fully functional build in 2 hours max. In some cases we've done it in 20 min, but that is pushing it. Publishing the app, however, is much longer and is mostly dependent on the platform (Google Play is faster while iStore takes significantly longer). Hope this answers your question! P.S Do not hesitate to contact us if you have more questions. Or need an app.
  • Filip Zafirovski
    Filip Zafirovski(Guest) Says:
    Wednesday, October 18, 2017, 0:48
    How much time on average does it take for you to create such an app?

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