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Trends & Predictions

JanusVR - the next generation browser?

Virtual or Augmented Reality (VR / AR) are hot topics these days; magnets for all kinds of online content. Usually interest in VR is coupled with a focus on enabling hardware and tech. Sometimes the interest switches to innovative ways one may use VR; Nonny de la Pena riveting TED talk 'The future of news? Virtual reality' was able to generate a significant spike.
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Meeker report on internet trends: mobile is one of the main driving forces

Finding good and authoritative sources on what constitutes trends and keeping an eye on them is on top of our list. One of the sources we keep an eye on is Mary Meeker’s reports on trends. Mary Meeker is currently a partner at Kleiner Perkins Caufield and Byers (KPCB), specializing in 'detecting' top digital trends.
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Are Chatbots the Next Big Thing?

It is not the first time chatbots capture the public’s imagination. During the last couple of weeks 'chatbots' trending again with multiple news outlets and media companies covering the topic.
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Short (skeptical) comments on Scott Gerber YEC poll on top tech to impact business in 2016

Several days ago, Scott Gerber - one of the founders of Young Entrepreneur Council (YEC), posted on thenextweb.com a list of nine (short) opinions on what would constitute a proper business 'disruptor' for the next period.
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Ericsson report sparks controversy: no future for smartphones, user demands say

Ericsson ConsumerLab published a report in December 2015: 10 Hot Consumer Trends 2016. From the methodology section one can see that an unusual amount of effort went into this report: for example, just the online survey of smartphone users took place in 13 major cities across the world and comprised 6,649 urban iOS/Android smartphone users.
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Collecting 2016 predictions: Nik Stanbridge on data storage and archiving

One the things that 'sells' blog content is predictions: keyword phrases such as 'IT Predictions' 'SEO predictions' 'tech predictions' followed by the year predictions are made for.
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Beware: Siri and Cortana and Google Now may inadvertently kill you

No, this is not one of them conspiracy rants. The reality is much simpler: new tech brings new challenges to your environment and these marvelous applications haven’t yet been fully integrated into our increasingly complex web of daily activities.
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Writing the dictionaries of the future

We connected instantly with Christina Xu blog post: a significant proportion of our team are (or, were) gamers. We reminisced about our own game lingo and how, at times, outsiders would not get what were you saying when you inadvertently inserted a gaming reference or a term.
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Geoff Hinton’s 2020 prediction: AI able to tell stories based on images or videos

Less than a year ago, Geoffrey Hinton was asked in a Redditt Q&A session “What frontiers and challenges do you think are the most exciting for researchers in the field of neural networks in the next ten years?”
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After using ke Solutions mobile apps, Nomophobia is quite reasonable

Academic titles are not that user-friendly and as you can see from the caption I’ve put above this is not an exception. Published online in March this year, this particular paper explores a rather interesting topic if you care to look beneath the surface, adding to the already increasing pile of papers on this topic.
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Cinemagraphs - a new tool for the online

It is not often these days that I am impressed by the power hidden in some particular innovation designed (as always they are) to “profoundly change the industry”. Without claiming to be any sort of expert, I guess that simply dealing on a daily basis with everything online - from content to design to web development to tech in general - inures one to their restless attempts of seduction. Cinemagraphs …
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“SEO for biometric data” - does it sound too futuristic for you?

Our bodies seem to be at the center of a lot of innovations that seem to be forming into a cohesive trend. The recent CES 2015 generated a lot of media talk related to wearables; now, wearables - as their name implies - are devices that are in contact with our bodies.
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