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Can architecture trends inform web or app design trends?

Ok, so you look at the picture above and don’t get it: what is the connection? The composite picture is inspired by a recent Washington Post article by Katherine Arcement entitled 'The hottest trend in Web design is making intentionally ugly, difficult sites'.
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Just 17 milliseconds to form a first impression of a webpage!

Just in case you don’t know who the character above is, let me enlighten you: this is Quicksilver, a superhero from Avengers: the Age of Ultron with the ability to go at speeds up to 10 Mach, which, apparently, makes him a very frustrated man because everyone is so very, very slow. While most of us struggle to blink, he can be miles away.
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Web design trends for 2015 geared toward small businesses

Most of our work at ke Solutions is geared toward small to medium companies. For some (difficult to fathom) reason a lot of talk and advice about website building, web design, SEO and content management schemas focuses on issues that are far beyond either the budgetary constraints or even the interests of the vast majority of website owners.
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The irony behind some responsive web design tools: a friendly jab

When you try to convince people that the way forward in web design is RWD (i.e. responsive web design) you gotta show them (literally show) what is RWD, what it means and why is it important. While writing this blog post about our own RWD tool we’ve discovered a number of other RWD tools that are published on pages that are not responsive - how ironic is that?
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ke Solutions Announces Website Redesign

ke Solutions is proud to launch a dramatically redesigned website – http://www.keSolutions.biz. The most significant changes on the website are the responsive design, clean, fresh look with easy-to-navigate layout - to help applicants find the information they need, faster.
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