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Launching: App E-commerce and a new healthcare IT website!

Ke Solutions is pleased to announce the successful launch of a fully functional e-commerce and order management module in partnership with AppzBizz.com, our app building platform partner.
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Heatmaps: our partner AppzBizz has a new feature in the app analytics section

Heatmaps: have you heard of them? It is a safe bet that you saw some even if the term 'heatmap' doesn’t tell you much. Above you can see an example of such a heatmap in AppzBizz analytics: this one shows the density of the Donald J. Trump app installs according to the geolocation of the smartphone or tablet in US.
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Building profitable apps for small businesses

You’ve see it, you hear about it and you even sometimes think about it. Whenever you use a clever app or you see one on the news or online you ask yourself: why not launch my own app?
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