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Carbon Belch Announces Newly Redesigned Website and Re-Launch of the Global Initiative - Carbon Belch Day

Carbon Belch

Carbon Belch Day will take place around the globe giving individuals the opportunity to voice their protest over the increasingly militant stance of the global warming community and their theories of man-made global warming and the dangers of the "carbon footprint".

At its inception in 2008, Carbon Belch Day was intended to follow Earth Day celebrations to wake the world from its "Earth Day hangover". Today, Carbon Belch Day coincides with Earth Hour, offsetting the "lights out" carbon extremists.

Make the pledge to become a part of the movement on the newly redesigned website, http://www.carbonbelch.com. The challenge for Carbon Belch supporters is simple: on March 23rd, do something out of the ordinary to increase the carbon footprint for the day, thus emitting a world-wide carbon “belch” to purge ourselves of the false guilt that climate alarmists have placed on us, and gain the attention of policy makers. Simply mow the lawn, have a barbecue, use a snow blower, or leave a light on. Carbon Belch Day is the antithesis of the politically motivated "carbon offset".

Carbon Belch Day is all about being creative. Join the NEW worldwide community that has the backbone to stand up to the media and climate alarmists and question their manipulated data designed to support their liberal agenda.

Ronald Kemp, Carbon Belch Day President commented: "While Carbon Belch Day is somewhat tongue-in-check, we wanted the new website to not only allow people to make the Carbon Belch Day pledge, but also to provide a legitimate forum for individuals to educate themselves and discuss the increasingly costly policies and inaccurate assumptions of the militant proponents of the global warming theory. It is imperative that we all educate ourselves about the truth behind climate change so that we can avoid becoming the victims of climate extremists."

The Carbon Belch website is powered by ke and ke Solutions, Inc. At the heart of the new website, http://www.carbonbelch.com, is the cutting-edge ke™ web engine that broadcasts business owners’ messages over the web. Fully customizable and updatable content is provided by the reliable, powerful and completely scalable web engine in order to continually meet the demands of a growing business.

Help celebrate the launch of the newly redesigned website by committing to the Carbon Belch Day pledge!

About Carbon Belch

First launched in 2008, Carbon Belch Day was intended to follow Earth Day celebrations each year in order to wake the world up from its annual “Earth Day hangover.” Today, as the global warming community becomes increasingly militant with groups like Earth Hour telling the world to turn off its lights in solidarity with the global warming cause, it is the Carbon Belch mission to make sure another voice is heard.

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