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Geoff Hinton’s 2020 prediction: AI able to tell stories based on images or videos

Less than a year ago, Geoffrey Hinton was asked in a Redditt Q&A session “What frontiers and challenges do you think are the most exciting for researchers in the field of neural networks in the next ten years?”
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Collecting 2016 predictions: Nik Stanbridge on data storage and archiving

One the things that 'sells' blog content is predictions: keyword phrases such as 'IT Predictions' 'SEO predictions' 'tech predictions' followed by the year predictions are made for.
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Short (skeptical) comments on Scott Gerber YEC poll on top tech to impact business in 2016

Several days ago, Scott Gerber - one of the founders of Young Entrepreneur Council (YEC), posted on thenextweb.com a list of nine (short) opinions on what would constitute a proper business 'disruptor' for the next period.
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