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SEO and political campaigns: dedicated apps show the future

Less than a month ago, Search Engine Land published Byrne Hobart’s blogpost on the possible roles SEO can adopt in political campaigns. Essentially he shows how SEO is fast becoming a must-have in at least three domains: online reputation management, controlling the news cycle and rank cranking on certain issues that are deemed crucial to a candidate or party.
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The newest word for panic - "mobigeddon"

Anxiety seems to be on the rise in the big wide Online. The focus of this anxiety is the seemingly innocuous date - 21st of April. The reason behind the anxiety is Google's announcement from February 26th, stating rather tersely"... we will be expanding our use of mobile-friendliness as a ranking signal".
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Mobbigeddon and "Left Behind": just about equal

Obviously the (online) world did not end on April 21st 2015. Mobigeddon turned out to be a singularly quiet apocalyptic event. Many commentators could be excused, perhaps, feeling left behind after using fairly strong language about it; we on the other hand looked on such theatrics with an interest just on par with the film’s metacritic score of 12 induces. None.
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After using ke Solutions mobile apps, Nomophobia is quite reasonable

Academic titles are not that user-friendly and as you can see from the caption I’ve put above this is not an exception. Published online in March this year, this particular paper explores a rather interesting topic if you care to look beneath the surface, adding to the already increasing pile of papers on this topic.
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From "Mobile first" to "Interface first": are you mobile enough to adapt?

In case you are wondering about the image above: it shows a Google ATAP (Advanced Technology and Projects group; their motto says it all: 'we like epic shit') team member testing the Jacquard conductive yarn woven into textile fabric.
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Most small businesses are not convinced they need apps

I doubt there is anyone out there willingly stepping on banana peels; it is a well-known risk and (unless you are a stuntman doing your job) there are absolutely no rewards. Turns out, this is how a lot of small businesses - according to a new survey by Clutch - feel about investing in mobile apps. Follow the link and you can find some pretty interesting results.
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Mobile payments show the way: are you looking?

If you were to learn that mobile payments have experienced a 300% rise in just one year, how would that affect your business strategy?
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Vampire bots: digital ad fraud and online traffic statistics

Robots have a mixed record in the the human psyche. They can affectionate and cute (e.g. Wall-e) or evil bastards (e.g. Matrix Sentinels). They can also be small, mindless but quite capable pieces of vampire-like software; only instead of blood they suck out money.
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Ericsson report sparks controversy: no future for smartphones, user demands say

Ericsson ConsumerLab published a report in December 2015: 10 Hot Consumer Trends 2016. From the methodology section one can see that an unusual amount of effort went into this report: for example, just the online survey of smartphone users took place in 13 major cities across the world and comprised 6,649 urban iOS/Android smartphone users.
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Are Chatbots the Next Big Thing?

It is not the first time chatbots capture the public’s imagination. During the last couple of weeks 'chatbots' trending again with multiple news outlets and media companies covering the topic.
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Meeker report on internet trends: mobile is one of the main driving forces

Finding good and authoritative sources on what constitutes trends and keeping an eye on them is on top of our list. One of the sources we keep an eye on is Mary Meeker’s reports on trends. Mary Meeker is currently a partner at Kleiner Perkins Caufield and Byers (KPCB), specializing in 'detecting' top digital trends.
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