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Fast response to a threatening unauthorized PPC campaign attack in Google AdWords

ke Solutions Inc. has been administrating a successful pay-per-click (PPC) campaign for one of its clients for the past six months.
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Stop inbreeding online marketing ideas!

In SEO, SEM or online marketing in general we intermarry our own ideas so much that it seems at times our blogs get sterile or produce non-viable offspring, although we certainly depart from the biological model in the sheer number we manage to give birth to.
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SEO blogs and Analogy: Alchemy or Science?

I’ll bet you’ve clicked through dozens of titles running along the lines of “SEO is like {X}”. There are actually thousands of search results for these keywords (Google belches out 270.000 of them in less than a second).
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SEO and political campaigns: dedicated apps show the future

Less than a month ago, Search Engine Land published Byrne Hobart’s blogpost on the possible roles SEO can adopt in political campaigns. Essentially he shows how SEO is fast becoming a must-have in at least three domains: online reputation management, controlling the news cycle and rank cranking on certain issues that are deemed crucial to a candidate or party.
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7 key anxieties implicit in popular SEO predictions for 2015 - Part 1

There is a deluge of predictions about the new 2015 trends that started to appear at the end of 2014 and will continue (based on what happened in the previous years) to appear for a month or two. Highly interesting to read in some cases (there are gems out there, I assure you!) but overwhelming in terms of volume.
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To see a world in a grain of sand... and the whole Internet inside Facebook

Facebook is, arguably, a fixture of modern life. F8 - the Facebook developer conference taking place as I write this - is bound to attract a lot of attention. Even if you are not a facebook developer, or a programmer, or have anything to do with the online, F8 is newsworthy because it will affect you some way or another.
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Image SEO - the ball and chain that is imprisoning your website

The recent findings Raventools published on the most common SEO problems contains few surprises; most of their findings we either knew or suspected. Nevertheless, it is the scale of basic image SEO neglect that hits you right from the beginning. Other issues were uncovered as well, but for that go directly to their report here.
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