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The newest word for panic - "mobigeddon"

Anxiety seems to be on the rise in the big wide Online. The focus of this anxiety is the seemingly innocuous date - 21st of April. The reason behind the anxiety is Google's announcement from February 26th, stating rather tersely"... we will be expanding our use of mobile-friendliness as a ranking signal".
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Mobbigeddon and "Left Behind": just about equal

Obviously the (online) world did not end on April 21st 2015. Mobigeddon turned out to be a singularly quiet apocalyptic event. Many commentators could be excused, perhaps, feeling left behind after using fairly strong language about it; we on the other hand looked on such theatrics with an interest just on par with the film’s metacritic score of 12 induces. None.
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From "Mobile first" to "Interface first": are you mobile enough to adapt?

In case you are wondering about the image above: it shows a Google ATAP (Advanced Technology and Projects group; their motto says it all: 'we like epic shit') team member testing the Jacquard conductive yarn woven into textile fabric.
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Adding digital to your strategy vs. being digital in your strategy

Read the title again, please. Do you get the difference? The word "digital" is being put to a lot of work, especially in the recent years; often it even seems to be getting worn out, thinned, inflationary from so much use.
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Most small businesses are not convinced they need apps

I doubt there is anyone out there willingly stepping on banana peels; it is a well-known risk and (unless you are a stuntman doing your job) there are absolutely no rewards. Turns out, this is how a lot of small businesses - according to a new survey by Clutch - feel about investing in mobile apps. Follow the link and you can find some pretty interesting results.
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How soon can your customers get rid of their wallets?

Is the wallet a thing of the past? Would you want it to be? Leaving aside conspiracy theories, wouldn’t it be much better if people did not have to carry it in their pants, jacket, or purse? Come to think of it: wouldn’t it be better for businesses as well?
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Mobile payments show the way: are you looking?

If you were to learn that mobile payments have experienced a 300% rise in just one year, how would that affect your business strategy?
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Vampire bots: digital ad fraud and online traffic statistics

Robots have a mixed record in the the human psyche. They can affectionate and cute (e.g. Wall-e) or evil bastards (e.g. Matrix Sentinels). They can also be small, mindless but quite capable pieces of vampire-like software; only instead of blood they suck out money.
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Useless apps: why are they still a thing?

Apps are proliferating at an amazing rate: according to this Statista graph there were around two million apps registered on Google Play in February 2016 and around 1.5 million apps on Apple Store. Which made the next bit of data even more interesting: the percentage of apps used only once after their installation from 2011 to 2015 seems to hover around 25%.
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Mobile device sensors: the biggest advantage and the biggest privacy threat

Mobile devices are often presented as a miniaturized desktop or laptop computers. The next step of the evolution. Why? Because a mobile phone or tablet - in addition to everything your desktop of laptop has - is also packed with sensors provide a lot of inputs a clever developer can use to create new services or products.
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What if you could boost sales by 60-70% with minimal costs overnight?

Just imagine it for a second: your business (whatever it may be) is working. Along comes an email claiming that there a simple way to boost your business by 71% with minimal costs. Spam or stroke of genius? Surprisingly, it turns out there is at least one case where the claim is true!
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