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Mobile device sensors: the biggest advantage and the biggest privacy threat

Mobile devices are often presented as a miniaturized desktop or laptop computers. The next step of the evolution. Why? Because a mobile phone or tablet - in addition to everything your desktop of laptop has - is also packed with sensors provide a lot of inputs a clever developer can use to create new services or products.
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Who leaks your personal information more: web vs apps?

I vividly remember the moment the water main burst on our street when I was a kid; a spectacular geyser raising to the height of the second floor windows and us, the kids, gleefully enjoying a mini catastrophe that left the whole city block without water for a couple of days.
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Lost your iPhone? Siri can 'gossip' about you even if your phone is locked

Apple has taken repeatedly a strong stance on privacy protection, especially when it comes to their flagship product, the iPhone. While, undoubtedly, a lot of effort has gone into making it more secure, a lot still hinges on how conscious is the user of the dangers posed by some combinations of enabled settings on the iPhone.
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