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E-commerce trends for 2015 for small companies

E-commerce has been around for over a generation now. It is indisputable that it did change the way we shop and conduct commerce. This year, as other years before it, brings a mixture of tried-and-tested strategies but add some newcomers. If you are a small business carving a niche on the online here is what to expect in 2015.
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Customer ratings, rankings and reviews: why they work and why you need them

There is a (rather prosaic, but no less enjoyable) joke in one of Patrick O’Brian’s books that made it (where many other things didn’t) into the script of the adventure film 'Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World' from 2003.
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Launching: App E-commerce and a new healthcare IT website!

Ke Solutions is pleased to announce the successful launch of a fully functional e-commerce and order management module in partnership with AppzBizz.com, our app building platform partner.
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