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Fast response to a threatening unauthorized PPC campaign attack in Google AdWords

ke Solutions Inc. has been administrating a successful pay-per-click (PPC) campaign for one of its clients for the past six months. The campaign, with budget of thousands of dollars, has become a major responsibility to our SEO team that is constantly monitoring campaign performance.

On the 16th of August 2008 a malicious campaign was created on our client's account. A campaign worth 3400$ per day with a keyword bid rising up to 3.4$ per click, had been running on our client's account, making advertisements for an unauthorized software development company. This campaign has fortunately been tracked down in less than 12 hours since its creation. Due to the promptness of our team the campaign was stopped in time and little money were spent. Google AdWords team has intervened shortly after as well, by deactivating all campaigns, including the malicious one, and suspended the AdWords account, for a thorough verification. Within only a few business days, our client's campaign has been reactivated and thus now is functioning perfect. Google has obliged itself to reimburse our client with the amount spend by the unauthorized campaign. The amount of money spent is quite insignificant since our team reacted promptly and intervened before it led to a more dramatic turnout.

This event has motivated ke Solutions to offer some support to the companies that might have had this problem and to those that should protect their accounts from this attacks.

The Pay-Per-Click campaigns developed by our SEO team has improved the quantity and quality of the keywords and key phrases from the prior campaign, has lowered the average cost per click and has almost doubled the number of clicks. This result is due to an improvement in the quality of the adds, a more thorough keywords selection and specific complex key phrases. With the same expenditure, the results have by far surpassed the ones of the original campaign.

About ke Solutions

ke Solution (www.kesolutions.biz) ‘a notch above the rest’ is under the leadership of Mr. Lorin Morar and offers a dynamic combination of a high quality product and customer service. With over 15 years of software development experience, Mr. Lorin Morar possesses extensive background in full-cycle product development and he is the creator of a unique website software, ke. The company offers an efficient website planning, design, implementation and maintenance with a personal touch. With a winning team of global designers, computer programmers and SEO experts, and Mr. Morar’s expertise at their disposal, clients’ needs are fully satisfied. ke Solutions can evolve your website into a concise efficient and productive one. Empower your company’s online presence and stay a leap ahead with ke Solutions Inc.!

For more information about how to prevent attacks on your Google AdWords accounts please contact us.

For more information please contact:

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