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What can you expect from ke Solutions SEO service bundle?

Let me say this upfront: this short blog post is really targeted at small companies that are wondering why the might need a SEO service bundle and what differentiate us, the team at ke Solutions, from the myriad of other companies that offer similar services.

Why you need SEO

Search engine optimization has long since became a must have; at least, that is, if you care about the long term prospects of your online endeavors. Very few keyword return search results lists numbering less than a couple of thousands. The image below illustrates brilliantly the gist of the problem. By far most people look only at the first page of the search results and only rarely we check through several pages. For all intents and purposes, result pages 5+ might as well not be displayed.

Google search results humour

Whoever you are, if you want to make it in the big wide online you need to get as close as possible to the top of the list for a given combination of keywords. So, essentially, SEO is everything that can be done legitimately (and this actually needs to be emphasized) to help you get there.

A very long list to search

Of course, companies offering SEO services are in the same predicament as you are. There are simply a lot of us. Searching for anything like "SEO services" or "SEO companies" on any major search engine will bury you under a list stretching towards infinity. Even a couple of millions of hits will take you thousands of years to process even if you were to devote one second per hit, so for all intents and purposes you could say that the list stretches to infinity.

Your choice criteria must be very narrow if you want to have a chance of rationally choosing something from this very long list. But look the image below to see the scope of the problem: even narrowing the search significantly "seo services for small businesses Florida" gets you almost two million hits.

An example of how long the search result can be even for narrow searches

Of course, one needs to realize that finding out about a company and choosing to do business with it are two different things. Rarely one chooses to employ a web development or marketing or SEO company based on the search result rankings. After all, most marketing specialists tend to agree that Awareness is only the first step in the chain of Knowledge, Liking, Preference and Conviction before most people decide to conclude a deal.

Our SEO services bundle

So, what is it that we can offer you in terms of SEO services? Two things.

  1. An integrated approach - we combine web design, web development and online marketing
  2. A comprehensive list of SEO services.

The first item is really important and cannot be underemphasized: anyone would agree that juggling between several specialized teams is harder than having someone offer you the whole deal; but more about this in a later blog. In this blog I would simply offer a summary of what you can expect to find in our SEO service bundle.

Keyword Analysis

Search engines send software probes to determine what your site is about; essentially what they are looking for is keywords. Any decent SEO provider will start by researching which keywords users search to find your site. At least, this is how ke Solutions does it.

Competitor SEO Analysis

A decent SEO provider will talk to you about competitors you know about and search for competitors you don't know about. It always pays to look at what competitors do well and what they do poorly. You will find that we always take care to research your "ecological niche".

Target audience profiling

A good SEO provider will learn from your as much as they can about your target audience and then expand upon it and offer you a comprehensive target audience profiling report. Profiles are valuable tools when building a good marketing / SEO strategy. At ke Solutions we don't believe in going "blind" into the fray.

Website Optimization

Search engines are becoming increasingly "picky" and take into account every element on a website when determining its placement in search results: from headings, to content, from images or videos to links (both internal and external). Recently, even responsive design started to play a role in Google search ranking, so make sure your SEO provider offers that. Fortunately for our clients, even this new development did not catch us by surprize - ke Solutions started advocating mandatory responsive design a while ago.

Strategic Link Building

The quality of sites you link to is can make or unmake your websites ranking. Quantity is not quality and links need to be analyzed to help determine whether they help you or hinder you. As our clients, you won't find your website being penalized for bad links if we have anything to say about this.

SEO Monitoring

Good SEO providers will provide concrete, measurable objectives and will monitor relevant indicators to ascertain how those objectives are being fulfilled. You need to be able to judge the effectiveness of SEO work at least on a monthly basis; but if you organize or participate in any events we always recommend a post-event analysis.

All of the above you can expect to find in our SEO bundle, but this is only a basic outline to help you winnow out would-be's. Call us or email us to find out more.



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