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What does Stackoverflow top 30 tags tells us about 2007-2015?

Subway style ranking plot of Stackoverflow top tags, by Joshua Kunst

What I love about this period of the year (other than the usually cited holidays and related stuff) is the opportunity to fish out for summaries and predictions. A lot of what you can find on the internet is junk, of course, but there are occasional gems. Especially when one looks back and sifts through various ways datasets are being summarized. Joshua Kunst, a self-described data lover / wrangler / explorer, made my day with a neat December post that analyzes (and tells you how he did it) the top tags on Stack Overflow - the Pole Star of lost or confused coders.

Several interesting points:

  • Microsoft related queries dominated Stackoverflow tags in 2008: the programming language C#, which Microsoft created; .NET, Microsoft's software framework for writing Windows applications; and ASP.NET, the subset of .NET used for writing web apps.
  • Google related languages gradually come to dominate: e.g. Java - the main language for writing Android apps
  • Impossible not to notice that Web/mobile technologies like android, json, css, html, node js, swift, ios, objective-c are taking over the podium
  • Finally, the recent focus on big data, data analysis, data science have made R the fastest growing tag.

Apps, web development tools and data - are you betting on anything else?



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