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WizKid offers the solution to proper toilet sanitation

Urinal Mat

WizKid antimicrobial urinal and commode mat is a valuable solution to keeping your restroom odor-free and germ-free. WizKid is expected to become a standard in toilet sanitation, due to its improved toilet mat features. This product is patented and distributed in the US.

WizKid Antimicrobial Urinal mat

Every business owner, manager or employee finds him or herself frustrated after disinfecting a restroom only to come back 20 minutes later and find a puddle of urine already soaking into the tile and grout. It’s the hotspot of every restroom in the world. "There are only a couple of options available to fix the puddle problem," says Jeff Crevier, President of Sanastar Inc., WizKid’s manufacturer. "You can try to stop people from using the restroom or start using the WizKid Antimicrobial Urinal mat. And since people are not going to stop going to the restroom - the WizKid is really the best solution," laughs Crevier.

In field-testing the WizKid, the most attractive results are:

  • The puddle was contained and the urine didn’t spread
  • The mat prevented stains in the flooring and yellowing of grout lines
  • There was a reduction in restroom odors
  • The restroom was easier to maintain and cleaned more quickly
  • The WizKid stayed in place due to the tacky rubber backing improving the look of the restroom
  • The labor time it took to clean the restroom was significantly reduced
  • The WizKid maintained its clean appearance and is disposable
WizKid Antimicrobial Urinal mat

"Our goal this year is to help all the distributors and contract cleaners realize the positive benefit the WizKid Antimicrobial Urinal Mat can make for their customers," says Crevier. This past year the WizKid’s main growth has originated from end users who have researched online for solutions to urine underneath the urinals. Based on increased demand, contract cleaners have been adding the WizKid to their arsenal in combating the inevitable urine drip.

In a world where the end user is becoming quite aware of germs and bacteria, the antimicrobial mat is becoming a welcomed solution. Research shows that customers judge a place of business by the cleanliness of its restroom. The WizKid Antimicrobial Urinal m at is combating that perception and solving the problem. Now available in two colors; tan and black, for both the urinal and toilet, the WizKid is can be found in upscale restaurant chains, casinos and behind the scenes office buildings.

The WizKid was featured in all the restrooms at the International Sanitation Show this past year in Orlando. You can find the WizKid at www.WizkidMat.com.

About Sanastar Inc.

Dean Stickler patented and developed the product noting it being truly different from what the public was used to. Mr. Stickler designed this product to be efficient in maintaining the hygiene of public restrooms. The WizKid is a product that leaves the bathroom both odor-free and germ-free, and that helps prevent floor damage.

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