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Stop inbreeding online marketing ideas!

Inbreeding: It’s all related

In SEO, SEM or online marketing in general we intermarry our own ideas so much that it seems at times our blogs get sterile or produce non-viable offspring, although we certainly depart from the biological model in the sheer number we manage to give birth to. 10 tips of this and that, 5 ways of doing this or that - this is what I see (and I bet you do too) daily and there is an overwhelming proportion of new content that is just old news. Browsing SEO blogs I cannot but feel at times inside a Being John Malkovich bad re-run.

We discuss clever new ways of making better stone-age tools, new awesome hunter-gatherer strategies and better ways of escaping the saber-toothed Google predator, while we should be looking and preparing for the next age. For a bunch of people thinking they are at the cutting edge of information technologies, we should know better. That strange guy tinkering with rocks and fire, that we think is not doing anything useful back at the cave, could be actually on the verge of discovering bronze…

Refusing change

I think we need new blood. To borrow a scandalous analogy, we need to stop inbreeding our ideas and start interracial marriages to bring in new blood. For those slow on the uptake I am talking about paying attention to science, the obvious candidate for the other race. I am genuinely surprised there is still little interaction between marketing, SEO, SEM, etc and fundamental ideas developed and tested in what came to be called Network Sciences. You rarely see any references to really valuable research and papers published in this field. It as if it does not exist. As if it is outside our community’s information horizon.

So, here on the ke Solutions blog I decided to open up a series of blogs to help us mull together over new and exciting developments in network science: social network analysis and modelling, network dynamics, network complexity, etc and discuss potential applications in terms of web development, online marketing and SEO/SEM.

Let’s stop inbreeding ideas!



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